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Anson L on Making Law Accessible: What We're Learning

Anson helps us understand what it means to have a in-house legal team at iQmetrix. The team's guidance and advice is just a click away! Nevin and Anson would also like to remind you that these two non-technical people were on a winning Hackathon team. Glorious!

Anson L on Making Law Accessible (16:18)


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Use Re-Framing for Greater Results

This ONE TOOL will change the way you do everything. Sounds like clickbait, right? Well, consider that you’ve already clicked. The tool is described right now.

It is re-framing. It’s the practice of examining and redefining how we’re looking at a problem. Doing so can help us challenge presumptions, discover new solutions and help us move into actions that used to be considered off-limits. Re-framing is the multi-tool of skills. It works whether you’re fixing a broken appliance, figuring out your next contribution at your job or theorizing about how the universe works.

Spend more time examining your problem.

Move the goal posts.

Describe your outcome, regardless of how you’re going to get there.

Focus on your interests, not your position.

This re-framing concept just about covers anything I ever find worthwhile to talk about.

To further illustrate what I mean, here are few examples. The following scenarios typically result in us...

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Attack of the Advice Monsters

My biggest takeaway from LEADS was to work on being a better listener and asking better questions.

I’m working on being more aware of how I’m showing up in a conversation. I’m trying to ask more (and better) questions to understand and clarify. I’m trying to be completely in the moment when I’m having a conversation. I’m trying to be aware of when I come into a conversation with assumptions and biases.

There are some obvious moments when I’m acutely aware of how I’m falling short… like finding myself staring at my phone instead of focusing on the person talking on a Zoom call! Oops!

Reflecting on some recent conversations that didn’t feel quite right, it dawned on me that there is a whole category of conversations where I quickly slide out of being an effective listener and take over the conversation. You ask for my advice or a recommendation (or even hint that you’re unsure of something and might want other...

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Continuing the iQos Conversation

This podcast has been passing around as we talk about becoming a company of self-managing teams… and it’s really got me thinking:

  • Does the iQos have too much detail in the process? (I’m thinking so)
  • What principles do we need to support our teams in distributing decision making?
  • What practices and tools would support the unique needs of teams?
  • Do we have teams that need a ceremonious reset or are most teams operating with “no bosses”?

A really good listen - https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/leadermorphosis/id1234632893?i=1000417846298

Join the conversation in #iQos


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Landin M on Being a Tech Lead: What We're Learning

Landin shares honest, thoughtful insight into the work that goes into creating software solutions for iQmetrix.

It's impossible to make this interview 15 minutes! It's too good. Instead, it is broken out into two manageable lengths.

Part 1 (9:34) is a bit more focused on developer challenges and the dynamics of the iQmetrix work environment.

Part 2 (11:54) transitions into the responsibilities and perspectives of an iQmetrix Tech Lead.


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The iQ Ally Program

Have you ever just needed someone to talk to? Someone to listen with no judgment? Someone to listen as you sort out your thoughts? Someone to help you get to a next step? Someone who will keep your conversation to themselves?

Luckily for iQers, that someone could just be an iQ Ally.

In this interview with two of the iQ Allies (Kris and Barry) you'll hear more about how the iQ Ally program started, what it is intended to offer to iQers, when to recognize when you (or a colleague) might find an iQ Ally useful, how to get in touch with an iQ Ally... and more!

The iQ Ally Program (19:29)

About iQ Allies: The iQ Allies are a select group of iQers that are trained to provide sustainable support and advocacy services, focusing on listening and empathizing, and in some cases directly providing avenues of active support.

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Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance: What We're Learning

In an unplanned look into the reality of parenting during isolation, Gisele shares a glimpse into the challenge of managing work and family responsibility.

Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance  (13:19)


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Why Lifelong Learning Matters

learning vanesa c Aug 06, 2020

When we think about learning, most of us tend to make a quick association with education. Traditionally, most education is finished by the time we are in our thirties. That said, this conventional path of finishing high school, attending university, and then maybe getting a masters degree, is no longer working.

With the half life of skills being 5 years, and individuals expected to have on average 12 jobs in their life time (including switching roles in a company as well as moving to new organizations), viewing learning as a check-box early on in our careers, does not equip us with the skills we need to succeed. As technology and jobs evolve, we too, need to evolve to stay relevant.

So what is lifelong learning? As wikipedia tells us, it is the on-going, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge, for either personal and professional reasons. What this means, is being interested in, and committing to being on a learning journey for the duration of our lives! This can be...

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Emad H on Development for RQmobile: What We're Learning

RQmobile continues to grow its role in being the RQ experience for an increasing number of our clients. Emad helps us see the shifting and demanding challenges and bright future of RQmobile development.

Emad H on Development for RQmobile (17:36)


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Afsara C on Office Management Insights: What We're Learning

When all else fails, it's a good idea to ask an Office Manager... or look at a wiki or program curated by an Office Manager. Afsara confirms Nevin's suspicions that her role and vantage point results in a unique and valuable perspective on iQmetrix.

Afsara C on Office Management Insights (13:38)


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