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Metrics is Easy... Or Is It?

clayton c metrics Jul 23, 2020

Ahead of the birth of my first child, a friend of mine gave me some insightful advice. Kids is easy. Thanks Darryl who has zero children. I find metrics can be the same way. The idea of them is easy… make a number and report on it.

If you're trying to parent with purpose, in a meaningful way, it gets complicated. When you try to make metrics that encourage curiosity and help move a group of people in a direction together, it gets complicated.

Context Matters
When I'm in a meeting trying to pay attention to metrics, the most important part is that I am getting a story from the metric. It's not only telling me where we are, but it has the context that helps me understand where we're going. When I hear several numbers in a row, it becomes a blur and I don't have time to process the implications of the number… even if I know what they mean. So I develop a habit of 'blah blah blah' in my head… weak.

Example: # of leads | total revenue | support tickets resolved |...

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Mike L on Development Team Organization in Cova

Mike describes some Cova development processes, including an integrated, collaborative decision-making process that combines technical and business responsibilities. It creates tension... and that's a good thing!

Mike L on Cova Development (18:11)


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Evolving To A Teal Organization

For organizations with a goal to evolve in to a teal organization, self-management is one of the pillar breakthroughs necessary to get there.  iQmetrix has been on a journey to evolve in to a company of self-managing teams over the last several years and continues to make strides in replacing traditional management behaviors with behaviors that support the new team environment. The reason this evolution is necessary is evident in the growing research on the speed of change and the increasing complexity of the times.

In the book Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, General Stanley McChrystal explains how the team of yesterday was quick to use reductionist theory to break work in to manageable chunks and organized complicated work through a hierarchical structure. He goes on to explain how in the complex world of today this can’t work. The work evolves too quickly and the sluggish approach involved in disseminating information through a hierarchical...

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Vanesa C on Remote Work & Skills Awareness: What We're Learning

Vanesa is a relative newcomer to iQmetrix in Winnipeg. First, she shares perspective from her prior remote work and travel experiences. By the end, we get to see a small glimpse into why she's such a great fit for iQ and how much a new colleague can give us an energizing boost to help us evolve.

Vanesa C on Remote Work and Skills Awareness (17:38)


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The Psychological Safety & Confidence Connection

On the heels of the recent LEADS summit (our week-long training event shared remotely across iQmetrix companies) I'm doubling down on the importance of Psychological Safety.

At the core of many (all?) of the practices shared is the importance of building Psychological Safety - an environment where individuals feel it's OK to say and do what they feel is best - without fear of negative consequences. If individuals don't feel safe, we get narrow, homogeneous ideas and actions.

I can't do justice to all of the factors that go into making a psychologically safe environment. Clearly it's a process of growth and improvement, not a checklist.

From that complex web, however, I want to pick out just one tiny component.

Individual contributors give more to the system when they believe they have value to share.

That seems so damn simple I'm not sure I should write it down.

The reason I write it (and am keeping it) is because somehow work shakes our confidence. Despite the best intentions from...

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Aslaug on Hackathons: What We're Learning

Aslaug (Ace) found herself at the centre of iQmetrix Hackathons. Are we ever lucky that happened. Ace describes the valuable, business-relevant results that come from our internal competitions. Innovation can come from anywhere... and it can come with prizes!

Aslaug G on Hackathons (10:24)


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Gerame T on Evolving IT Support: What We're Learning

Gerame delivers a lively interview on the nature of IT Support during the challenges of Covid-19. We also explore the unique balance of maintaining system consistency while respecting individuality.

Oh, and Gerame LOOOOVES iQGetaways.

Gerame T on Evolving IT Support (14:42)


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Garett R on Innovation: What We're Learning

Garett talks about his consistent discovery and delivery of innovative ideas. He doesn't let complexity... or fear for the unknown... get in the way of finding effective solutions to challenges.

He also shares some early, fascinating stories of his early days when he was at Jump. Definitely worth a listen!

Garett R on Innovation (15:38)


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You Got It, Coach!

The field of coaching hasn’t been around outside of the world of athletics for long enough that it feels natural to have a person in your own court, a coach on your sidelines. But coaching is becoming an essential part of evolving organizations as they recognize that while you can’t predict what the future holds, you can have a support system in place to help leaders and teams navigate the changes successfully.

Coaching was recently introduced at iQmetrix and if you’ve ever thought about having a coach, here’s some different types of coaching that exists. You can use these categories to think about how a coach might support you as you navigate a career at iQmetrix.



* More info about iQU Coaches is available at https://iqu.iqmetrix.com/coaching

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How to Say What You Really Feel

communication tracy l Jun 15, 2020

"I have a perspective and I want to share it, but I'm not sure I should".

This concern has come up in many one-on-ones across the company and after over a year of collecting responses, this post may be long overdue. My apologies for that.

There are ways to communicate an experience that supports getting what you want, and ways to communicate that actually take you further away from what you want and knowing the difference is important if you really want to impact change.

How many times did you want to tell about an experience you've had with them wasn't fulfilling for you? We all have.

What if you had the words to be able to share so future experiences were more likely to be fulfilling for you?

It is possible.

When you have the skills to share your perspective with clarity a few good things happen:

  1. People understand where you are coming from
  2. People are likely to know what you are asking and can consider your request

So here it is, here are some tips for how to say what you...

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