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Dillon B on Helping Us Be More Productive: What We're Learning

Dillon is taking other people's mundane tasks and making solutions that save them significant, important time. Where you say "there's got to be a better way," Dillon agrees. He's an expert at making it happen.

Dillon B on Helping us be More Productive (14:14)


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Are You Listening?

Listening is something we don’t always do well – any one of us, but how do you work with a bad listener?

This article in HBR walks through the do’s and don’ts and case studies; but remember – the bad listener may be you.



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Luke L on Learning and Growing Development Skills: What We're Learning

A guilty, not-so-secret pleasure of mine is learning more about software development from the many thoughtful, skilled individuals making those contributions at iQmetrix.

As a relative newcomer to the official role of Developer at iQmetrix, Luke humbly shares insights about his learning experience, his continual growth and understanding the distinction between coding vs. software development.

Luke L on Learning and Growing Development Skills (14:39)


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The Spirit of NPS

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company as a place to work for your friends?

“I don’t have any friends in the city.”

“I don’t have any friends that work in this field”

“I don’t have any friends looking for work”

What actually is Net Promoter Score (NPS) meant to tell a company?

Often, the format of the question catches people as they first consider their list of friends and who they would recommend. If no eligible friends come to mind, it’s easy to answer “Not Likely”. But the spirit of the question gets lost with that filter for eligibility.

Net Promoter Score takes the percentage of promoters – people who promote working at the company and subtracts it from the percentage of detractors – people who aren’t likely to recommend working where they work. A high net promoter score signifies that people are satisfied and likely to recommend the place of work to their...

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Miles M on Technical Support: What We're Learning

Over the past year, the need for more organized attention to the support, troubleshooting and management of some of the complex problems our customers encounter.

With humility that belies the complexity of the task, Miles helps us see how he and his team are helping address this evolving need.

Miles M on Technical Support (16:57)


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Faai S on Marketing Cova: What We're Learning

New company. New product. New industry.

Faai describes her creation of a valuable brand from idea to valuable market presence.

Faai S on Marketing Cova (16:15)


*Also, this is part of an ongoing quest to better see what we're learning at iQmetrix. If you missed it, here's:
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Bring Your Whole Self to Work - more than just a catch phrase

clayton c iqmetrix Jun 04, 2020

iQmetrix is a company created to Create Great Experiences. The vagaries around what this means is vexing for some and empowering for others.

At it's most authentic, the environment at iQmetrix offers each of us the opportunity to express ourselves. To see things, be affected by them and take action. So often an idea emerges and it's clearly the right thing to do. Nobody mentioned it before, but as soon it's articulated there is momentum to implement. What does that emergent quality say about a company that fosters support for such a wide variety of ideas to emerge? What effect does that environment have on people within it? Bring your whole self to work is more than a catch phrase.

Ever heard of iQphilanthropy? Or Buy Your Birthday? Or the iQmetrix Camping Trip? Or perhaps you volunteer to feed people in Vancouver? Maybe you attend Scotch Club? All of these ideas started with an iQer finding themselves in an environment that invites them to bring themselves to the office each day....

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Tammy F on Interpreting Between Clients and Devs: What We're Learning

Tammy operates in the fluid world between customer need and product creation. It's amazing how thoughtful, clear thinking can turn this dynamic environment into an addressable, repeatable process that ensures performance and continual improvement.
*Also, this is part of an ongoing quest to better see what we're learning. If you missed it, here's:
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How white people can be better allies to the black community, indigenous people, and people of color

kirsten b white allies Jun 01, 2020

by Kirsten Barkved

We’ve been here before.

Last week, George Floyd, a black man, died at the hands of a white police officer, sparking a centuries-long conversation around race in America and the ways in which Black people are brutalized by police.

In April, the Winnipeg police shot and killed three indigenous people – two men, one a 16 year old girl. All in the span of 10 days.

In Toronto, what began as a 911 call for help ended in the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet fell from the balcony of a 24th-floor Toronto apartment while police were in the home.

In Vancouver, string of incidents of anti-Asian racism linked to the pandemic.

So here we are again. Another day, another name. Only this time, it’s in the midst of a pandemic that is disproportionately affecting people of color. If you feel like there’s been an abundance of media around police brutality, you would be correct. But it’s not because there is more racism in the world. Like it or not,...

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The Wrong Words

Choose your words wisely. Apt advice for leaders, would-be leaders and those who need to communicate with others to get work done… so, pretty much everyone!

What makes it tricky is that for some words, in addition to their literal (or intended) definition there can be a variety of nuances, connotations or emotions attached to consider when communicating. The results of using the “wrong” words may vary from a slight shoulder shrug to an all-out nails-on-a-chalkboard cringe.

So, which words should you minimize in your vocabulary to avoid the cringes, successfully deliver your intended message and be an effective communicator at work?

The Atlantic recently created a bracket to determine the most universally loathed words used in the office-setting. In their findings, “lean in” and “value proposition” rose to the top. Inc. took the same list of words and looked at the data a little differently, ranking the worst words based...

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