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Using the Thesaurus to Define a "Learning Organization"

I'm curious. What do we actually want from our pursuit of becoming a "Learning Organization"? On its face, perhaps we want our colleagues to have an ever-expanding tool bag of skills and abilities.

Thinking of other words we might use to describe our aspiration, perhaps "evolving," "conscious," "responsive," or "adaptive" round out our definition.

In this article from the American Management Association, they define an organization that is "...able to sense the need for change and undertake it successfully."

With that definition, they go on to identify a number of valuable components that help a group of collaborators learn evolve adapt keep up with change. 


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Team Motivation

It's easy to put your head down and check things off your list to get that feeling of accomplishment on any given day of work, but it turns out that those short-term wins don't support overall motivation when working remotely.

This article from HBR highlights some specific conversations that teams can inject in to their weeks to not only help individuals feel motivated, but to nurture a bed for innovative solutions!

Have a read at https://hbr.org/2020/04/how-to-keep-your-team-motivated-remotely


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Excel Tip: More Functions and Nesting Formulas

excel jonathon l Apr 13, 2020

A look at the following formulas:

  • Len (Length)
  • Right | Left | Mid
  • IF
  • Concat (Concatenate)

We will also talk about nesting formulas (formulas within formulas).


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Looking Ahead to a New Normal

I’ve seen a lot of memes, inspirational posts and some general ridiculousness spreading around social media as we work our way through COVID-19 induced isolation and physical distancing. While I’ve had more than a few needed laughs at the witty people out there, the one post that has stood out the most to me is a simple message of reflection and hope attributed to Dave Hollis. It simply says, “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

What criteria exactly does a person use to decide what is “worth it” for our new normal?

As I think about what the new normal will look like, whenever that might be, I have to admit that I am a little excited about the idea that the new normal is not just cramming everything back into a packed calendar. I have hope that I’ll be clearer about what I want to prioritize and why I reintroduce, add new or remove things to my new normal. And each part...

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Excel Tip: Pivot Tables Continued

excel jonathon l Apr 07, 2020

Continuing on with everything Pivot Tables!

Note: First Pivot Tables video is at https://iqu.iqmetrix.com/blog/excel-tip-pivot-tables


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Excel Tip: Pivot Tables

excel jonathon l Apr 03, 2020

An introduction to what could be your next best friend, Pivot Tables! In a nutshell, Pivot Tables quickly analyze data. Have fun!


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Excel Tip: Basic Aggregation Formulas

excel jonathon l Apr 02, 2020

A look at some of the most used aggregation (sum, count, and average) formulas and their different variations.


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Excel Tip: Basics

excel jonathon l Apr 01, 2020

Demonstrations of:
·       Freezing Panes
·       Windows and Arrangement
·       Auto-fill Data
·       Text to Columns
·       Removing Duplicates


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Excel Tip: Worksheets and Tables

excel jonathon l Mar 31, 2020

Back to the basics with a demonstration of worksheets and quick dive into tables and how beneficial they are when working with data.


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Employee Engagement

Why does a company care so much about Employee Engagement? Here's a primer: https://hbr.org/2014/11/a-primer-on-measuring-employee-engagement (I hope you haven't used up your free views on HBR!)

There's a measurable economic benefit for a company, often called "discretionary effort," which can be read as "employees work more hours." However, if you read the specifics of what happens, it's clear that engaged employees enjoy their work, participate in more meaningful, connected ways and choose to do valuable work, regardless of a clock.

It may indeed be "more hours," but employees are happy, fulfilled and doing things that, dare I say it, are enjoyable.


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