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Output and Outcome-Based Metrics

I liked this metaphor illustrating the difference between output and outcome based metrics: https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/stop-measuring-pizzas-and-cooks

From our own @AndrewK

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Tearing Down Barriers

Just like how tearing down the barriers between dev and ops can lead to greater agility and better software, so too can tearing down the barrier between design and dev!

Watch this video recommended by our own @AndrewK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWIfnPc1wC0

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Why PR Approvals Aren't Always a Good Idea

The idea of resetting a PRs approvals on every push came up in our meeting this week. This highlights our gut feeling of why it’s not a great idea.

Read this thread recommended by our own @DeadlyDog. 

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Accountability & Distributed Leadership

Accountability can be a frightening word and can sometimes cause some pretty dreadful feelings.

“What if I mess up something important? Will I be held accountable?“

If you fail to deliver an assigned task, then yes, you are accountable for that failure, even if it’s not entirely your fault. But accountability isn’t about only assigning blame after the fact; it’s a matter of owning the intended outcome and the steps taken to get there.

We’re all accountable for things in our lives, in some way or another. So, what are you accountable for?

At minimum, we’re accountable to ourselves: for our well-being, our behavior, and how we respond to the world around us. We’re accountable for how we approach our goals, our failures, and our successes. Add into that mix our families and animal companions, our automobiles, any financial debt we may have, the rule of law, our contributions to society, and to our physical environment. That’s a...

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Is Your Team a Battery Charger?

I love thinking about the experience of a person within a group. I'm always impressed with how powerful a person can be in the right environment, and then surprised to watch that same person wilt in what seems like the same environment in the same company. Then I came across Project Aristotle from Google… and I found a path.

Project Aristotle has burned itself deeply into my brain in the few years since I first read about it. I read so many things, yet stumbling across this five minute article has become a central way of thought for me. It has become the primary way I describe how a company can work to live out its hopes and dreams while adding energy to the batteries of those contributing to that success. Companies don't need to be powered by extraction, where the fuel is people. Our company wants us to fuel up while we're here then go home and contribute themselves to their families and communities. Work as part of a system that creates energy for all of the stakeholders....

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Part of a Team

"Every success story is the result of the contributions by many"

In a company where we have different roles and feel a part of so many different projects we sometimes forget that we are a part of a team - I loved this article that reminds us why feeling like part of a team is so important and how important team work is on feeling engaged and enjoying work. It had me reflecting on my role in my teams and how I am (and in some cases are not) showing up as my best self for my teams.

Check it out: https://hbr.org/cover-story/2019/05/the-power-of-hidden-teams


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Look In A Book!

If you're already an avid reader, good for you! You're doing more good for yourself than you likely even realize. If you're looking for motivation to crack into a new book, maybe the Inc.com article Why Reading Books Should Be Your Priority, According to Science is just what you need!

I used to read a TON of books when I was younger, but not so much in recent years. I made a conscious effort last year to read more for fun and I'm hooked again with six books completed in 2020 already!

What are you reading these days? What books would you recommend for people getting into reading?


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Beating Giants

nevin d shared content Jan 24, 2020

This article ultimately became one of the examples in Malcolm Gladwell's How David Beats Goliath. The book is great. This article is great. Gladwell challenges our presumptions about what makes the incumbent powerful... and how those traits are possibly, dangerously, weaknesses, too.

In this particularly story, a basketball team that had no business being competitive (in the traditional sense) has amazing results when the game is approached from an unconventional perspective.


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Procrastination. Cut Yourself Some Slack!

I’m a procrastinator. I’ve chalked it up to having so many possible things to do at one time and just making poor decisions about what to focus on at the right time. It’s an organization issue for me. Not that I’m just ridiculously wasting my time!

So, when a link for The Reason You Procrastinate Is Not What You Think from Inc.com came up on my feed, I clicked through to see what kind of time management strategies they had for me to try out now. But it wasn’t that. It was better! The article gave me permission to treat myself with the same encouragement and generosity I would offer to others overwhelmed by their work.

Like when my 8-year-old son spent 3+ hours putting off and complaining about schoolwork he needed to complete. We brainstormed ways to make the work more enjoyable and once he got started, the work was done in 15 minutes!

We found a different font to type with, we giggled about typos and the suggested auto-corrects, we found a comfy and...

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Thank You Crucial Conversations

clayton c communication Jan 16, 2020

A problem that you're going to have when you read this blog post is that you know all of this. When you're at your best this stuff is easy. But…when you're hungry, have some things going on at home, or whatever else…our best selves sometimes don’t show up. Sometime we talk about other people instead of with them. Sometimes we write a shitty story in our heads about why somebody is doing something instead of just asking them. Sometimes…like when we're hangry :)

There's no need to read on if your best self always shows up.



Oh, you're here...sweet :)

The book tells us that Crucial Conversations are the ones you have before things get out of control, emotional, dynamic. When you're in a heated conversation, you've actually missed several opportunities for crucial conversations. Crucial conversation opportunities pop up everyday…it's that moment where you decide to react without ego and emotion. You want this other person to succeed, and you think...

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