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Why Gratitude?

Practicing gratitude is simple. Jot down 3 – 5 things daily that you are grateful for. You are trying to find joy in everyday occurrences on a regular basis. The benefits are outlined in 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude That Will Motivate You to Give Thanks Year-Round.

Raising two daughters, there were a few days along the way that were a little daunting. And by a few days, I mean a few years. The issues felt overwhelming, it was easy to turn to the negative, and I would often wonder how things became so awful. It was practicing gratitude that helped me survive and ultimately thrive.

Today I’m grateful for:

  • Birds coming to my feeders
  • Hot soup
  • Folks who don’t come to work when they are sick
  • Dinner plans with a friend
  • Puppy snuggles with morning coffee


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I'm Soooo Tired

A badge of honour. That’s the phrase this article from DailyMail.com about sleep hacking uses to describe how people seem to be treating their lack of sleep. Being busy is where it’s at, even if it means less and less sleep, right?! I’m definitely guilty.

I don’t think anything in this article was completely new information for me, but I think that a gentle reminder of facts, at just the right moment when you need to see it, can also be important learning. I was reminded of why I need to get more sleep. You probably need more sleep too. We all deserve more sleep! Let’s go get some zzzzzz…


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Why Good Presentations Matter

Every meeting, every training and even every conversation is an event that communicates ideas - and the more successful that communication is, the more likely that the desired outcomes are achieved. So when it comes to getting more effective at communication - you can check out the Level Up Your Presentations training in iQU and read this article posted by HBR.


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Development in Our Neighbourhood

Regina's HackRegina recently completed a survey among the local dev community.

I found it interesting that the most popular programming language among respondents is JavaScript. There are many insights and I encourage you to read the whole thing.


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Bring Out the (Coloured) Pens!

jacquie f shared content Jan 08, 2020

I’ve always been a fan of using good ol’ pen and paper to capture notes in meetings. Mostly just for the fun of using my collection of coloured pens and pretty notebooks!

Based on this study by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer, the added bonus in writing out notes by hand is increased retention rates and a deeper understanding of the information.

Could that also mean that handwritten notes make outcomes from meetings more effective?


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The Gift of Feedback

feedback tracy l Dec 11, 2019

“I have some feedback for you. Is this a good time?”

Boom, open the flood gates of questions that pour through your mind.

What feedback could she have for me? Did I upset someone? Did I do something wrong?

It’s a natural reflexive response from childhoods of being taught that we must always do the right thing and if you do something wrong you are inadequate, insignificant, incompetent or worse, unworthy of your position.

With those questions, in comes the ego, a subconscious mechanism designed to protect your sense of self.

Defensive answers to unasked questions come to mind as you brace for the feedback. Your pulse picks up and the blood rushes to your face.

“After you told that story I got feedback that it upset a person in the room. The impact of your story was that it upset someone. In the future, I would ask you to consider the impact of your stories and the audience before sharing them.”

Your mind races to try to guess who you had upset and your...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Beginning to Begin Coding

coding nevin d technical Nov 14, 2019

If I were working on a cattle ranch, I probably shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see a calf being born. If I worked in a political office, I probably shouldn’t miss the opportunity to observe how an elected leader actually makes decisions. When I worked at a garage in high school, I learned how to install oil pans and set the timing mechanism on an old Mustang.

I work at a software company. I’m surrounded by people that have that Matrix thing happening: where a big mess of cryptic words means something and everything is quantifiable down to 1s and 0s. This is an amazing opportunity to see behind the curtain. I’m your interloper seeing how software is made. Here are some things that blow my mind.

EVERYTHING is based on really simple decisions.
Usually “Is it this? If not, do that.”

Really simple decisions get complicated when you combine them.
Do this 20 times. Each time you do it, also do this 8 times. While you’re doing that, check if this...

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My Trip to the Beach

reflection tracy l Nov 14, 2019

“I’m removing you from your core role.”

These seven words slowly absorbed into the grey matter between my ears and I felt the world go still around me. I hadn’t expected this. The appointment in my calendar was titled “Check In” and it entirely surprised me when I saw the face of HR on the video screen when I logged in to the video conference. My team lead logged in late and didn’t turn on the video as she explained the reasons why I was being removed from my role, leaving me without a job. I had two weeks to find a new one. I went in absolute shock.

HR suggested I take the day since it was very clear that I was in no capacity to have a productive conversation. I left my desk and wandered aimlessly, the fear taking hold of my thoughts.

What an unsettling feeling. I had nothing to do.

I took a few hours to let it settle in and while I did that, I reflected on what I wanted.

Do I want to stay with this company?

Do I feel like I can still...

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