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Bite-Sized Advice

I was in a meeting where a Lead expressed enthusiasm for the suggestion of asking "How do you like to be recognized?" in one-on-ones. That's awesome. It's a great tool to add to the toolkit.

It got me thinking. What other pieces of advice fit into a single blurb that might be useful? Here's my list. I hope you'll add your own to #iQU with the hashtag #bitesized.

  • Information is rarely communicated to a Lead so they know that information. Information is communicated to a Lead to make sure that information is distributed to others. When you hear something, share it.

  • If something is really important, it might mean everyone needs to participate. However, to make sure it gets attention, it's best to assign its progress to one person. It's not that one person needs to do all the work, but they should make sure it isn't neglected.

  • If you consistently start and end meetings late, some people adapt to it, others don't. It has a multiplying effect on everyone's time and morale.

  • ...

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