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The CX Team and the iQos Survey


An interview with Rhonda about the process the CX Team is using to review, analyze and take action on the results from the iQos Survey.


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Continuing the iQos Conversation

This podcast has been passing around as we talk about becoming a company of self-managing teams… and it’s really got me thinking:

  • Does the iQos have too much detail in the process? (I’m thinking so)
  • What principles do we need to support our teams in distributing decision making?
  • What practices and tools would support the unique needs of teams?
  • Do we have teams that need a ceremonious reset or are most teams operating with “no bosses”?

A really good listen - https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/leadermorphosis/id1234632893?i=1000417846298

Join the conversation in #iQos


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Evolving To A Teal Organization

For organizations with a goal to evolve in to a teal organization, self-management is one of the pillar breakthroughs necessary to get there.  iQmetrix has been on a journey to evolve in to a company of self-managing teams over the last several years and continues to make strides in replacing traditional management behaviors with behaviors that support the new team environment. The reason this evolution is necessary is evident in the growing research on the speed of change and the increasing complexity of the times.

In the book Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, General Stanley McChrystal explains how the team of yesterday was quick to use reductionist theory to break work in to manageable chunks and organized complicated work through a hierarchical structure. He goes on to explain how in the complex world of today this can’t work. The work evolves too quickly and the sluggish approach involved in disseminating information through a hierarchical...

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