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Interrupt Your Stride

by: Nevin Danielson

The dust has hardly settled from LEADS week, and certainly, a lot of thoughts and ideas stimulated from LEADS week are still stirring around in my head! As we're all trying to figure out which one thing we attempt to work on first, I wanted to share a theme that I noticed. 

The theme I observed is the importance of interrupting your stride. OK. That phrase probably is far from perfect, but remember, I'm still sorting through a lot of thoughts and ideas from LEADS week.

I observed how critical it is for us to question what we (think we) know, what conclusions we've drawn and what the implications of our actions have been, are and will be.

I feel like nearly every session said "check your biases" and "every perspective is different" and "your interpretation is about you, not the facts."


  • TASQ tells us it is essential to Ask for feedback.
  • When we look at Defensiveness we observe how easy it is to shift our own meaning and understanding....
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Attack of the Advice Monsters

My biggest takeaway from LEADS was to work on being a better listener and asking better questions.

I’m working on being more aware of how I’m showing up in a conversation. I’m trying to ask more (and better) questions to understand and clarify. I’m trying to be completely in the moment when I’m having a conversation. I’m trying to be aware of when I come into a conversation with assumptions and biases.

There are some obvious moments when I’m acutely aware of how I’m falling short… like finding myself staring at my phone instead of focusing on the person talking on a Zoom call! Oops!

Reflecting on some recent conversations that didn’t feel quite right, it dawned on me that there is a whole category of conversations where I quickly slide out of being an effective listener and take over the conversation. You ask for my advice or a recommendation (or even hint that you’re unsure of something and might want other...

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