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Interrupt Your Stride

by: Nevin Danielson

The dust has hardly settled from LEADS week, and certainly, a lot of thoughts and ideas stimulated from LEADS week are still stirring around in my head! As we're all trying to figure out which one thing we attempt to work on first, I wanted to share a theme that I noticed. 

The theme I observed is the importance of interrupting your stride. OK. That phrase probably is far from perfect, but remember, I'm still sorting through a lot of thoughts and ideas from LEADS week.

I observed how critical it is for us to question what we (think we) know, what conclusions we've drawn and what the implications of our actions have been, are and will be.

I feel like nearly every session said "check your biases" and "every perspective is different" and "your interpretation is about you, not the facts."


  • TASQ tells us it is essential to Ask for feedback.
  • When we look at Defensiveness we observe how easy it is to shift our own meaning and understanding....
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Saying No

by Nevin Danielson

Saying "no" is often counter-intuitive. Can you imagine being interviewed for a role and saying, "I'm quite skilled at denying requests from my colleagues. Even if they are specific and have a good reason for why they're asking me, I'm able to decline when it's not the right thing to do."

Even for those of us that are already within iQmetrix and making a contribution, declining a colleague's request seems against the culture.

  • "We don't say No!"
  • "We are enthusiastic."
  • "We want our peers to succeed."
  • "We step in when someone else is in need."

And, uh, there are power dynamics.

Saying "no" is often counter-intuitive. However, having an up-front, deliberate discussion with your colleagues is a necessary, healthy component of making a contribution. Why is saying "no" important?

Because the truth is inescapable. We can't avoid the math. Some activities are more valuable than others and we can't do it all. In fact, even if we can do it all, we still have to choose...

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Michelle B on Product Management: What We're Learning

It started wanting to know more about status.iqmetrix.com. It turned into yet another very informative conversation about the role, challenges and amazing value being created by the Product Manager role and the thoughtful & humble Michelle Bautista!

Michelle B. on Product Management (13:36)


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Bite-Sized Advice

I was in a meeting where a Lead expressed enthusiasm for the suggestion of asking "How do you like to be recognized?" in one-on-ones. That's awesome. It's a great tool to add to the toolkit.

It got me thinking. What other pieces of advice fit into a single blurb that might be useful? Here's my list. I hope you'll add your own to #iQU with the hashtag #bitesized.

  • Information is rarely communicated to a Lead so they know that information. Information is communicated to a Lead to make sure that information is distributed to others. When you hear something, share it.

  • If something is really important, it might mean everyone needs to participate. However, to make sure it gets attention, it's best to assign its progress to one person. It's not that one person needs to do all the work, but they should make sure it isn't neglected.

  • If you consistently start and end meetings late, some people adapt to it, others don't. It has a multiplying effect on everyone's time and morale.

  • ...

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Anson L on Making Law Accessible: What We're Learning

Anson helps us understand what it means to have a in-house legal team at iQmetrix. The team's guidance and advice is just a click away! Nevin and Anson would also like to remind you that these two non-technical people were on a winning Hackathon team. Glorious!

Anson L on Making Law Accessible (16:18)


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Use Re-Framing for Greater Results

This ONE TOOL will change the way you do everything. Sounds like clickbait, right? Well, consider that you’ve already clicked. The tool is described right now.

It is re-framing. It’s the practice of examining and redefining how we’re looking at a problem. Doing so can help us challenge presumptions, discover new solutions and help us move into actions that used to be considered off-limits. Re-framing is the multi-tool of skills. It works whether you’re fixing a broken appliance, figuring out your next contribution at your job or theorizing about how the universe works.

Spend more time examining your problem.

Move the goal posts.

Describe your outcome, regardless of how you’re going to get there.

Focus on your interests, not your position.

This re-framing concept just about covers anything I ever find worthwhile to talk about.

To further illustrate what I mean, here are few examples. The following scenarios typically result in us...

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Landin M on Being a Tech Lead: What We're Learning

Landin shares honest, thoughtful insight into the work that goes into creating software solutions for iQmetrix.

It's impossible to make this interview 15 minutes! It's too good. Instead, it is broken out into two manageable lengths.

Part 1 (9:34) is a bit more focused on developer challenges and the dynamics of the iQmetrix work environment.

Part 2 (11:54) transitions into the responsibilities and perspectives of an iQmetrix Tech Lead.


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Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance: What We're Learning

In an unplanned look into the reality of parenting during isolation, Gisele shares a glimpse into the challenge of managing work and family responsibility.

Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance  (13:19)


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Emad H on Development for RQmobile: What We're Learning

RQmobile continues to grow its role in being the RQ experience for an increasing number of our clients. Emad helps us see the shifting and demanding challenges and bright future of RQmobile development.

Emad H on Development for RQmobile (17:36)


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Afsara C on Office Management Insights: What We're Learning

When all else fails, it's a good idea to ask an Office Manager... or look at a wiki or program curated by an Office Manager. Afsara confirms Nevin's suspicions that her role and vantage point results in a unique and valuable perspective on iQmetrix.

Afsara C on Office Management Insights (13:38)


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