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Are you Supporting Your People?

Team Leads have additional responsibility in stewarding the environment that team members are operating in. This includes supporting each team member in being able to show up as their best selves in their roles. The time spent on this will pay back in dividends with better communication, more trust, higher engagement and thus higher outputs. Each time you catch yourself saying “I don’t have time for this” consider the cost of disengaged team members.

One-on-ones don’t have to be long or arduous… but a check-in with everyone on your team is critical to your team’s health.  During times like these, it’s especially important that you are having a quick one-on-one with each team member at least weekly. This quick check-in supports the connection your team feels, lets them know that they are important and provides an opportunity to ask questions.  If you are worried about the time commitment, it can take only 15 minutes. 

The goal...

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Why OoOs?

One-on-Ones (OoOs) are a bilaterally beneficial venture. OoOs help you develop professional relationships. It's middle space to reflect, share, learn about each other; become more aligned to take on the opportunities our team has.

As a Team Lead, you know that a OoO is a chance for you to get a better idea of how this person in front of you thinks, what they're curious about, what they are observing, what their hopes and dreams are. Model the behaviour you want to see by giving them a better sense of what you're curious about, what you're observing and your sense of how the team could evolve. Engage with them as a partner, a colleague.

Create space for exploratory conversations that contextualize the short, medium, & long term of the work. Reflect on victories, imagine the future and generate clarity about what next steps may get you there. Identify systemic road blocks and commit to addressing them.

As this meeting is about the professional relationship and unifying...

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