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Saying No

by Nevin Danielson

Saying "no" is often counter-intuitive. Can you imagine being interviewed for a role and saying, "I'm quite skilled at denying requests from my colleagues. Even if they are specific and have a good reason for why they're asking me, I'm able to decline when it's not the right thing to do."

Even for those of us that are already within iQmetrix and making a contribution, declining a colleague's request seems against the culture.

  • "We don't say No!"
  • "We are enthusiastic."
  • "We want our peers to succeed."
  • "We step in when someone else is in need."

And, uh, there are power dynamics.

Saying "no" is often counter-intuitive. However, having an up-front, deliberate discussion with your colleagues is a necessary, healthy component of making a contribution. Why is saying "no" important?

Because the truth is inescapable. We can't avoid the math. Some activities are more valuable than others and we can't do it all. In fact, even if we can do it all, we still have to choose...

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