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Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance: What We're Learning

In an unplanned look into the reality of parenting during isolation, Gisele shares a glimpse into the challenge of managing work and family responsibility.

Gisele L on Juggling Family and Finance  (13:19)


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Vanesa C on Remote Work & Skills Awareness: What We're Learning

Vanesa is a relative newcomer to iQmetrix in Winnipeg. First, she shares perspective from her prior remote work and travel experiences. By the end, we get to see a small glimpse into why she's such a great fit for iQ and how much a new colleague can give us an energizing boost to help us evolve.

Vanesa C on Remote Work and Skills Awareness (17:38)


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An Accomplished Day

I’m a type A, achiever, but regardless, I think most people know what I am talking about when I share how good it feels when you just had a solid, productive day. With the recent adjustment to moving to home for so many people, I thought that I would share some of the disciplines that I have used to get more of those “hell, yeah!!” type days.

1. Don’t expect them to all be “Hell, yeah” days. We can be so hard on ourselves, especially if you are high on the Achiever motivation profile. Checking things off the list and showing how much you can do are the things that make you feel good. So it’s easy to internalize a mediocre day. Best advice – Reflect intentionally on what got in the way and make a plan so that tomorrow can be better. Move on.

2. Don’t go all in all day. If you have kids at home or a dog, this probably won’t be as much of a problem, but sitting at your desk all day and churning out work is not good. You...

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Team Motivation

It's easy to put your head down and check things off your list to get that feeling of accomplishment on any given day of work, but it turns out that those short-term wins don't support overall motivation when working remotely.

This article from HBR highlights some specific conversations that teams can inject in to their weeks to not only help individuals feel motivated, but to nurture a bed for innovative solutions!

Have a read at https://hbr.org/2020/04/how-to-keep-your-team-motivated-remotely


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Co-Existing with "New Co-Workers"

Adjusting to working from home has its own set of challenges, but I think the list gets even longer when more “co-workers” are added to the list. I don’t mean the new hires that are unfortunately starting out a new job in these unprecedented circumstances. I mean the other adults, kids and/or pets also “working” in your space!

There are challenges that we can find the humour in that are spreading all through social media with #newcoworker. There are some great ones out there! If humour (or cute pet photos!) are helping you cope with these uncertain times, give it a go.

But, getting serious for a moment, there are also “new co-worker” challenges that will likely test us. I found this article about Working at Home with Your Partner or Spouse a quick read with some practical advice. Even though it’s specifically intended as tips for our “new adult co-workers,” I think it can also somewhat apply to our “new underage...

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Collaborating Remotely

In these uncertain times, we're discovering new ways to collaborate and create value for our teams and our organization. At iQmetrix, we've built a pretty good foundation of remote collaboration tools, namely our use of Slack, Zoom and a host of other shared online tools for keeping information flowing.

Even with that experience, we're discovering a new level of Being Remote. There's no water-cooler. There's no "quick chat in the breakout room."

Slack has a helpful guide for us to more intentionally examine how we meet and collaborate remotely.


Did you know iQU has coaches dedicated to helping you and your team be at your most productive? They're available to help you organize and facilitate your next meeting as we figure out how to adapt. https://iqu.iqmetrix.com/coaching


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Tips for Working From Home

photo cred: @AlexanderJ

As many of us get earnest about working from home, we can learn from the experience of those who have been doing it for years.

Our own @MarcusC shared this article with WFH tips from the experienced folks at StackOverflow


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