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Getting Organized

Reclaim peace and order in your work and life

Prioritize and focus on the right work at the right time

Work smarter, not harder!


Are you working on the most important work?

Getting truly organized doesn't end once you've cleaned yesterday's dirty lunch dishes off your desk! Although that is a productive task, there are many other ways to get organized so that you're working smarter, not harder and getting more done in less time. There isn't one best way to do it, but there are some common objectives and outcomes of getting organized.

The most common barrier to effective organization and time management is feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate!

This workshop offers an understanding of why it might be worth your energy to get organized, encouragement for how to get started and ideas for a personal organizing system, including (but not limited to) the well-known GTD (Getting Things Done) system. 

Note: This workshop is available for iQers only at this time

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