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Die Vampire, Die!

with Kyle McDavid

Insights from Kyle's experience in the arts, overcoming his "imposter syndrome" and learning to trust his creative instincts.


About Kyle: Kyle McDavid is a music, theatre, and graphic design educator, and the founder and co-Artistic Director of Best Kind Productions based in St. John's, Newfoundland.

He has directed and performed in theatre productions in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario, and is an alumnus of Up with People (touring North America and Europe for a year with their production "Roads" in 1999-2000.) Kyle is also a freelance graphic designer, a 2-time nominee for MusicNL's Educator of the Year award and Graphic Designer of the Year award.

He is the writer/composer of original musicals, "Impresario", based on the life of St. John's-born Broadway legend, John Murray Anderson, "Isobel Gunn" with Timothy Matson, "Red Rock" with Daniel Lasby, and the children's musical "How Do You Get To Jellybean Row?"

Connect with Kyle through his website [ www.bestkindproductions.com ] or on social media [ Facebook ] [ Twitter ] [ Instagram ]


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