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Permission to Lose Your Mind and How to Get it Back

Bring mental health practice
to top of mind

Practice easy ways to assess and manage mental health states

Learn tips and tricks for managing mental health in today's strange environment


How are you paying attention to your mental health? 

As we continue to live and work in this new and strange environment, brought to us by COVID-19, it's not just our physical health that we need to keep an eye on. Sure we should do all that we can to keep ourselves safe from bad germs, but it's arguably just as important to keep ourselves safe from... ourselves.

There are a myriad of ways to tune into and manage our mental health... so let's start talking about it.

This workshop offers a look at mental health awareness and practices, as well as suggestions for managing your own mental health.

Presented by: Tracy Lee
Tracy is a program facilitator and speaker for the CMHA, a Mental Health First Aider and co-founder of a wellness festival.

Note: This workshop is available for iQers only at this time

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Permission to Lose Your Mind and How to Get it Back
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