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Leadership While Social Distancing

with Pete Anderson

Insights from Pete's experience leading, learning, taking on new challenges and social distancing.


About Pete: Pete Anderson is one of America’s business leaders, according to his mother, and specializes in training morally flexible business people in the art of one-way barter.

Dashingly handsome and charming to a fault, he divides his valuable time between inspiring others and fomenting revolution in third-world countries. He speaks of himself in the third person. He is followed by a large entourage who incessantly hum his theme music, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, and he famously makes 20-minute brownies in 10 minutes. Pete has enjoyed enough success in his career to attain the ability to write, unedited, his official bio.

Resources referenced in this podcast:
[ Daniel Goleman ] and his book [ Emotional Intelligence ]
[ Tony Robbins ] and his ideology [ "Find Your Passion" ]
[ Mike Rowe ] and his address [ "Don't Follow Your Passion" ]

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