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Thanks for your interest in helping out with the iQU Blog! Our goal is to publish meaningful articles that will encourage readers to be inspired, think deeply, and/or learn and grow.⁠

Before you start mashing the keyboard, here are a few guidelines for iQU blog posts you should know.

Post Length: Write as much or as little as you like. We get it, some topics call for longer articles and some are easier to get right to the point. If you’ve really got a lot to say, consider making it a series and breaking it up into a couple of blog posts, because shorter articles do tend to get more eyeballs on them.

Shared Content: Posts must be your original work. You can definitely reference (and link to!) other bodies of work, but we need a little more than just a link to make a blog post. We need some commentary from you, like an introduction, how you’ve applied the information and/or why everyone should check out the content.

Edits: We’re not really content editors, so we expect you to submit a final draft of your blog post that we can just copy and paste. That being said, we are going to read it over before we post it and we do reserve the right to edit your article, including grammar, spelling and formatting.

Here’s what happens with your blog post once it’s been accepted.

Website: Published blog posts will appear on the iQU Blog page at https://iqu.iqmetrix.com/blog. We will create a title image to go along with your words.

Promotion: We will promote most articles on our social media accounts and internal communication tools (like Slack). Some posts may also be featured in email campaigns and/or additional promo.

Share Away: We’ll let you know when we’ve hit the Publish button for your post and we’ll share the link for where to find it. Feel free to share that link as you see fit!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] before submitting your blog! Otherwise, go ahead and send us your blog info below.

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