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Share Your Story on the iQU Podcast

Thanks for your interest in taking part in the iQU Podcast. Our goal is to share interesting stories, from interesting people (like you!) that will encourage listeners to be inspired, think deeply, and/or learn and grow.⁠

Here are a few logistical details about the iQU Podcast you should know before you apply.

Format: Our podcast is done in an interview format, with our skilled interviewer, Scott McGillivray, asking you a series of questions. Each interview is about 35-45 minutes long.

Technology: We want to see your face as you share your story, so the podcast is recorded using Zoom. We find that Zoom works best if you have a headset with an integrated microphone, but it’s not necessary.

Timing: Right now, we record a new podcast every 3-4 weeks, so depending on how many interviewers we have lined-up at the time, it may be several months before we have an opening in our schedule.

Personal Info: Before the interview happens, we ask you to share a head shot and bio with us.

Editing: We want the podcast to be as casual, genuine and authentic as possible, so we do very minimal post-production to the recording. We do however, reserve the right to edit the recorded video as we see fit.

Here’s what happens with a podcast once the interview is over.

Distribution: Published podcasts will appear on the iQU Podcast webpage, as well as in Apple Podcasts and other online podcast providers.

Promotion: We will promote all podcasts on our social media accounts and internal communication tools (like Slack). Some podasts may also be featured in email campaigns and/or additional promo. We will create the promotional images to go along with your podcast.

Share Away: We’ll let you know when we’ve hit the Publish button for your podcast and we’ll share the link for where to find it. Feel free to share that link as you see fit!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] before submitting your podcast application. Otherwise, go ahead and send us your information below.

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