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iQU Team & Group Learning

Resources for shared learning with teams and groups.

iQU offers a library of existing workshops, customized training and advice for more casual group learning events, like Lunch & Learns and Salons. Below are several ideas to start exploring, but if you don't find something to suit your needs (or the needs of your team), iQU would be pleased to work with you to assemble a custom learning experience based on your needs.

Available Workshops

Find an already scheduled workshop or request one just for you and your team.

Customized Learning

iQU would be happy to assemble a custom learning experience when existing workshops don't fill the needs of you (and your team).

We'll work with you to get a better understanding of the challenge that you're trying to address and make suggestions for content to share, in a format that works best for you.

Just tell us a little bit more about your needs, and let's get started!

Salon Event Learning

Imagine you and eleven other different points of view gathered in an intimate setting (physical or virtual!) to encourage healthy debate, discussion and exploration of topics that light you up. 

That is what the salon-styled learning is about.  Download the how-to to plan a Salon for your topic.

Download How-To Salon

Work with an iQU Coach

The iQU Coaching team is available to support a team's training and development needs. From strategic meetings to communication and beyond, the coaching program was designed to support teams in achieving their goals by working with the team or with the team lead.


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